Hello everyone

Hi Guys,

Just thought I would do a quick thread to say hello. I have purchased an Alienware X51 (i7 version) and now just waiting for delivery. Well when I say delivery, I mean it's waiting production and delivery. Hopefully it will be with me by 7th March.

It's great to find a forum that's dedicated to Alienware users and I'm sure I will have lots of questions for you all.

Here's some back ground on myself. I live in the United Kingdom and married, no kids. I used to build PC's about 10 years ago but gave up when console gaming took off. I play a fare bit on xboxlive and I'm really looking forward to getting back into PC gaming again, especial Star Wars The Old Republic. To say I'm excited about getting my X51 is the understatement of the decade. I've already brought a whole load of accessories including a Cyborg RAT 5 mouse and a Cyborg FLY 5 Joystick. My wife is doing her nut. lol

Anyway time to go, speak to you all again soon.

How did you find us Toaday? Enjoy the forums and have fun! I love the rat 7 mouse even though I dont own one xD The cyborg fly 5 is a very nice joystick! Enjoy the x-51 when it arrives. I like in ukraine but, i'm american :)

Unfortunate that 7th of march is one day after mass effect 3 comes out! xD
How did I find you? Now that's an interesting question and shows how sad I have become. Lol
Ever since I ordered my X51 I have been browsing every internet article, video and review possible. Whilst going through the same YouTube videos for about the thousandth time I found a link to a competition with a Alienware Tactx keyboard and that lead me to you guys.:cool:
I know how you feel Toady. I have ordered my M17x three weeks ago, and the Dell website says that its still being built. But the delivery date is tomorrow. I doubt that it will arrive on time.

But I did the same thing. Watch youtube vids a gazillion times. I watched some guy in India unbox his M17x and say "wonderful, everything is wonderful" a million times. I checked revews, articles and other pages. I stayed up and surfed the web for every scrap of information until 2am.