Hello from Tasmania and hope for some help .

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Apr 23, 2018
Hello from the Apple Island , my name is Mick . Last year I bought a second hand AW M18xR2 . I know very little about computers and bought it thinking it should be good for it's graphics abilities because I like making HD movies ( for personal viewing ) and my old Toshiba could not even play HD videos .
When I got it , it was basically cleaned ready for me to put what I wanted on it . I had a friend who said he used to build computers so I trusted him to set it up for me . Basically I think he has done something wrong because it does nothing very good and is always changing itself and freezing up .
I am so frustrated I have come so close to smashing it to pieces lately .
All I would like to be able to do is download video from my Gopro session hero 5 , at the moment it won't download any file bigger than 1 Gb . I often try to play all my videos from 1 built in hard drive and listen to music from the same hard drive , it freezes every few minutes and takes about 2 to 3 minutes to come good .
I think my friend put too much anti virus stuff on here and it seems to be very slow . He put I Obit Malware anti virus and Advanced System Care 11 .All up there is 5 programs that seem to be doing stuff all the time . When I asked him he said that I should take it somewhere to get looked at professionally . He said they will probably tell me it is all the stuff he put on there as he gets told that all the time ( but still uses it on his computers ) .
Sorry for being such a long winded introduction , I was hoping some of you guys could offer up some good advice about clearing my computer and starting again ? My only constraint is money ( I have none ) and need to use free programs where available and useful .

Thank you . regards Mick .
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Apr 12, 2018
Hi Mick,

Microsoft Security Essentials is pretty good and should do the trick. Go to program files and uninstall any other antivirus program.

Go to malwarebytes.org and download the free antimalware scanning tool and scan for any viruses

Go to https://www.wisecleaner.com/ and get the wisecare365 cleanup tool. Its like CCCleaner but it does great job in erasing temporary files and junk files. Also you want to make sure any programs that you do not need do not auto start. It sounds like you may be running out of RAM also.