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Hello need help where should i post this...


Nov 4, 2013
Some one tell me where to post this:

a romanian guy that sold me on a romanian version of ebay, alienware optx aw2310, bought it from mexic

after 2 years of intense use, like more than 12-14 hours daily usage....the monitor malfunctioned...
sympthoms: after 5 mins on brigthness contrast under 40% the light from ccfl went off....
if i boost the brightness and contrast above 60% the light from the ccfl were instant going off.
90% of the alienware optx aw2310 suffer from this

the monitor was out of the warranty...

no1 form the dell forums helped me .... at least to tell me where i could find replacemnt parts... or a guide what to replace .... no help from Dell.....

So i opened the monitor carefully. took out the parts and went to a mobile phone service... they told me " what kind of old monitor it was that? " because the power board was old lol, it had the date on it 2004. I told them " dude this is a masterpiece , a 3d monitor, 120 hz, expensive one.... he didnt believe me ... and he asked me symphtoms he said :"yes the problem is one of these 2 inverters " and he told me to go home and search on internet for those 2 inverters or the whole power board.
Since is a rare monitor... u didnt find any replacement power board , but i found on ebay a dell power board form a 17" monitor that had the same inverter ( i zoomed the pictures lol ) and i ordered it, it was a guy from china who had many monitor parts, i paid like $ 28 including shipping. i got it like in 2 weeks. i replaced the inverters and tadaaaa
the monitor is good as new :)

details : the inverter : Darfon 613102002P00 compatible with LSE 613102001P00
u can find it in many monitors including dell 15"-19", lite on, philips, acer etc
the power board i used is " dell PTB-1651 "

if any1 need help with something like this let me know :)