Hello! New to Alienware, could use some advice on upgrading my Aurora R4, thanks!


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Nov 11, 2018
edit: I have a Aurora R4, not the R3, sorry.

So I bought me one beast of a computer this year for 400 bucks! When I got it it wasnt recognizing one SATA drive, but worked well otherwise. Then last month I had a black screen (initialized library failed 0xc00000bb) and from what I can tell, I need 2 new SATA drives and another copy of an operating system. I'm really wondering what my options are. Should I replace the two SATA drives with SSD drives? Just replace the SATA drives? Add a SDD in SATA bay 1 and 2 SATA drives in bays 2 and 3? Also, was the Aurora R3 shipped with a one graphics card option? (Mine only had one card when I bought it used) Or did the previous owner remove a card? (A note on the cables implied that a 525 watt power supply wouldnt power a second graphics card, so maybe that was an option, I dont know). Anyway, any help would be appreciated, I really like this machine and wouldnt mind upgrading it. Thanks, Daniel
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Apr 12, 2018
Hi Daniel and welcome to the forum. If I where you I would do the following.

1. The error sounds like its from the BIOS being reset. Get another battery, you can get them cheap online

2.Get at least a 250gb Solid State Drive to install the operating system. You will notice the computer work a lot faster. The SSD will need a housing cage. This will be SATA Drive 1
3. Turn SATA drives 2-4 into raid for increased performance.

4. Stick with one graphics card. SLI/Crossfire is not optimized. Save some money and get yourself at least a Nvidia 1070ti or VEGA 56 if you like AMD better.

5. I would use a can of air blast and make sure any dust is clear, specially around the fans in the case.