Hellooo again! :)


Jul 13, 2012
so its been a while & its that time again, the time to order a new alienware laptop for one of my sons... his laptop is 4 years old now, a Dell one just, but he's turning 16 and wants a good laptop.

I don't really understand these hard drives, these are the options, but I thought he's need at least a 1TB hard drive....

1TB/5400 RPM + 80G caching mSATA +£80

256GB mSATA SSD Boot + 1TB 5400RPM SATA 6Gb/s +£210.00

500GB 5400RPM-SSD Hybrid Drive Included in Price

Also, does anyone know if you can still access the fans to clean the dust out, as easily as in the previous model's of the alienware laptops, by the 2 screws & removing backplate?


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Not sure if you got your answers, but from my experience, I would go with the 256GB mSATA SSD and 1 TB drive. The mSATA will allow the system to boot much faster, and the 1TB internal hard dirve is where all other data, other than the OS, can be stored. Plenty of space and fast booting. Best of both worlds.

Not sure on the dusting question though.