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Dec 26, 2015
Hi guys,, yes....I'm a chic...but I DO have SOME level of knowledge and I have some simple questions that I'm getting conflicting answers on.
They're not comolicated, but I need straight, relatively definitive answers.
I bought my 9 year old a used Alienware m15x laptop for Christmas. Yes, I realize it's a dinosaur brick...however, he's 9-he digs the lights-and HE thinks it's from the year 2050.
It was only 150 bucks, was told it was a fair deal but I would need to upgrade graphics card.
So, right now, it has the 8750 GTX card (I believe), and everytime we tried to run Roblox or Minecraft,it said I needed to update my video drivers.
I tried. For like...3 ridiculous hours.
Fail. Then ended up getting them to install finally, and once they were updated, I deleted the old ones which-of course-caused me to have to get into bios to make the screen come on, as something didn't go right...shocker.

Anywah, long story short...I have a kid that wants to play roblox, minecraft and Gary mod (or something like that, on Steam)...
I néed to buy any other graphics card, but when I started shopping, I quickly found there are 8 million, and they are EXPENSIVE.
so, my question:
WHICH card should I buy, that's not a HUGE major modification, but will run those games?
What about the 610? Will that one work?
Can anyone suggest a car for under 100 bucks that will enable his playing needs?
I WOULD SINCERELY APPRECIATE IT, I'm OVER it after 6 hours yesterday!!
I have an m15x myself fron what ive read online you will need something like a radeon 7970 or a geforce 770m if you want to get any serious life out of the machine. But just and fyi those cards are a couple 300. Anything under 100 for a laptop is an old card. But there are lots of decent mxm 3.0 choices. Personally if i was gonna spend the money anyway id buy a card right from eurocom vga showroom. Little expensive but some really nice cards