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Jan 6, 2017
Hello Laptop experts I'd really need your help with regard to my Alienware 17.

The specs are the ff:
Core i7 4710mq
R9 m290x
128gb SSD M.Sata
Ttb sata hard drive
8gb ddr3 ram
Windows 10 Pro OS

I bought this laptop 2nd hand on Fleabay. When I first used it, it was working for a few days until one day, my r9 m290x couldn't be detected in the BIOS anymore. So basically its showing that I don't have a discrete gpu. I was able to do a quick fix on this by reading various forums and that I needed to re-flash the BIOS. It worked and I was able to play as usual then by the next day, the GPU couldn't be detected again and then I would reflash the BIOS again so it would be detected again. I would do this process a couple of time so that my GPU would be detected.

Soon afterwards, the GPU not being detected problem went by then another problem came in. This time the video card will be detected but its showing Code 43 which I thought was a driver issue. So I did what others would do and uninstall the drivers using DDU then I'd try to reinstall its crimson drivers and mid way during driver installation of the display adapter, my alienware would freeze. I did a reformat of my system but still it would hang midway again while installing the gpu driver. I tried using a different OS, Windows 7 and the driver would be successfully be installed but when I restart the system, its showing code 43 in the hardware device manager.

I knew it was a hardware issue already so I had my r9 m290x reballed. After the GPU being reballed, I was finally able to make it work again and the drivers installed successfully. I was able to play a few games and did some benchmarks testing using furmark. I wanted to make sure that this time it wouldn't fail me so I installed HW INFO and did some custom fan settings for both the gpu and cpu fan to ensure that the fans will spin faster to avoid overheat. After configuring the custom fan settings, I decided to to do a stress test again on my GPU using furmark. I noticed that the CPU fan was blowing hard while the GPU fan was totally silent. After a few minutes, my screen locked up and I had to turn off manually my laptop and turn it on again.

I'm then back to square one and my GPU couldn't be detected anymore and it seems to have totally given up on me.

I'm wondering what could be the issue? Before the GPU's latest failure when I tried to stress test it through furmark after doing some custom fan settings for HW INFO, I believe the GPU fan failed because there was no sound or hot coming out of the GPU vent while the CPU vent was on full speed mode. I also opened my system afterwards and touched my GPU heat sink and it was definitely burning hot.

Now I'm confused on what I'm supposed to do. Is it because my GPU fans aren't working from time to time perhaps why the GPU couldn't be detected in the bios? And it led to the my GPU failing due to overheat? Or is it just my GPU malfunctioning on its own? Or maybe the power socket of my gpu fan in the motherboard is the problem?

I had a long and tiring journey and I'm back to square one and my GPU couldn't be detected any longer even if I try to reflash the bios again. I'm thinking of replacing my gpu fan and the video card but I fear this system has more problems and I might end up wasting my money.

Any advice from you guys would be of great help.


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May 3, 2017
I see you posted this a while ago, but I am still going to try and help. Seems like either you have a bad gpu fan or the board may be posing an issue. I also own a ranger or aw17 r1 and I notice when I have overclocking set up trying to oc memory as my processor is not overclockable at the moment. shooting for a 4940mx soon enough. With this processor if I enable overclocking of any sort in the bios The cpu fan will not run. I have the same video card and seem to have no issues with the fan, I am having other issues with the crimson drivers, however the fans are working fine. Maybe you could try using a manual fan control program and see if you can get the gpu fan to run. If not try a replacement gpu fan. If still not it you may want to look at gpu or motherboard replacement. From sounds of it you should probably replace the gpu. Also if it is from ebay you still may have the option to return. Item not as described. Says it worked and is having issues therefore does not work. Wish I could help more.