Help doing reinstall of windows on X51-R1 - no idea where to get drivers


Jul 17, 2015
Ok, So my x51 (R1) blue screened me yesterday and I have been doing my head in trying to fix it..eventually I threw in the towel and decided to factory reset the drive - did not help. Bought a new drive today and tried to do a clean install of win10 - I did not make a recovery disk so I used my recovery disk from my laptop (XPS-15) and now my desktop (x51) thinks its a when i go into the settings it is showing me the CPU of my laptop and the windows product key of my laptop...this cannot be good.

In the BIOS it still shows X51 but everything on the new HDD shows my laptop recovery info - i figured widows would detect the desktop info and adjust - clearly that has not happened. I tried to boot from my windows 10 USB (came with my edition on win10 that I bought..) and the PC says it cant find the HDD (eventhough i am telling it to boot from USB..) - when i use my XPS15 recovery USB that works fine.

So long story short.

1. How do I do a clean install of Windows 10 on my X51? eventhough the system came system came with Win8.

2. Will the clean install of Win 10 show the proper "Alienware" stuff on my computer that used to be there before?

3. Using a Win10 USB does not work - it keeps giving me the error message that say "internal HDD not found to resolve this issue, try to reseat the drive. No bootable devices" - this is when I have the win10 USB that came with a brand new version on Windows in the USB?? I dont get clarify the ONLY USB it recognizes is the Recovery USB that I made for my XPS15 - its like it only recognizes other dell stuff only....very frustrating

4. How can i get my drivers for the ethernet card for my X51? My xps15 has no ethernet port port so had no need for drivers - so I assume the recovery did not install the ethernet drivers either..cant access the internet atm

5. Any other help to get my x51 working like it was would be greatly appreciated.




May 10, 2016