Help!! Flashing Screen!!

This is the second time it has happened now, for no reason my screen goes black then starts flashing. Then it will go black and as soon as I move my mouse it starts flashing again. I don't want to just shut off my laptop.. What do I do?! I have a video of it, it's just a flashing black screen though and I don't know if I can attach it? It says invalid file. Has anyone else had this problem? :(
Thanks everyone, I ended up calling Dell and they said it sounds like it's an issue with the screen so they're going to come out in the next couple of days to replace my screen and hopefully that fixes it. Otherwise, they said it's probably the operating system. Hopefully everything works well soon! :)
I had a Dell technician come out and replace my screen as well as the graphics card, so hopefully that fixes everything! Although, the technician damaged the outside case of my screen with the screwdriver when he was removing the screen, as well as not putting the screen on exactly right. Very unhappy with that, but am in the midst of speaking with Dell to rectify it. No flashing as of yet, hoping it stays that way! Thanks for all your help :)


Apr 29, 2013
Ahh man that sucks , I recently had a technician round to replace my cpu water pump unit and sata cable for bay 0 on hdd . I stripped down my rig before he got here so it was ready and I ended up putting in the new pump and cable myself while the technician watched with a cup of tea I made for him. I'm not saying that these technicians are incompetent or anything , It's just I feel much more comfortable working in my beast rig rather than letting anyone else touch it.
I think I may be a tad over possessive but I know I will be more gentle and careful than the tech.


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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
Same here. I watched a Dell tech flip my machine over on its lid on my table and I had to ask him to put a towel or something down first so he wouldn't scratch it. Another tech did the same to my ALX. He just flipped it on its side and started moving it around. Wasn't impressed.
This isn't the first time I herd issues like this either I know there are actually good techs out there, but I'm not going to take that chance I'd prefer doing it myself that way I know how to fix my own computer. When I had warranty I tell the guys at DellAware to diagnose the issue then tell them to ship the parts to me and I install it myself.

I hope they send you a knew alienware for the damage good luck.
Stupreme: Haha yes very true!! If I had knowledge in that area I would no doubt be the same. I'm quite OCD with everything haha ;P To the technicians I'm sure it's just another job, they don't treat the laptop as if it's their own. I could NOT believe it though, he told me he would remove his fingerprints from my screen before leaving and then starts rubbing at my screen with a TISSUE!! My god, you'd think they would know better!!

Yikes81: I definitely agree there, many flinching moments! I expect the technician to do as good a job as I had originally, not leave me with new damage! Especially considering what I spent on it.

MattyB: That is terrible! The level of professionalism the Dell technician's seem to show is very low. He was even banging the wires you attach the screen with on the screen (which might I add had already had the protective plastic removed!) whilst screwing in the screws! I expected more from them to be honest.. He even had to call the Dell technical support line at one point to speak with someone and kept looking back at me saying "I was making him feel uncomfortable" as I was watching him the entire process.. :/ Very unprofessional!

PoOkiExL3oi: Yeah I'm not one to judge all the technician's on one bad experience as I'm sure there are plenty of fantastic ones, but I would definitely not recommend this particular technician for anything! If I was confident in installing parts myself I would definitely be doing it all myself, as I know how OCD I am with everything lol. Unfortunately I would not have a clue where to start though, so I'd rather them screw it up and have to rectify it than myself. I am still yet to hear back from Dell about what they want to do, I have had to send photos through and am now waiting for a response. I highly doubt they will go to the extent of giving me a new Alienware but that would be nice! Lol. It will be interesting to see what they do for me. Thanks! :)