Help! GPU no working in new case!


May 4, 2012
Do you have the correct plug for the psu to the gpu plugged in?

There is one on the psu that looks like the gpu plug, but its actually for the motherboard.

Unplug the power for the gpu and look at the shape of the plastic pins (the plug itself) make sure they match perfect with the plug on the gpu itself.

I see You

Jan 2, 2014
WA state
Make sure when you plugged your card into your motherboard that you did not bust or break the capacitor that is in the way right in front of the gpu socket, look at that and see you might have pushed to hard i hope not as my card touches this thing, i was aware of it being there when i pushed the card into the pci e slot.

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Op please respond back did you get it fix do you still need help i have mine in a new case with no issues.