HELP! GPU Power Level too high!

Hi Everyone!
I have a little 'Problem'
I have played around a bit with EVGA Precision X and my GTX 690. After a bit of tinkering I always restore the default levels.
I was playing Crysis 2 on ultra and the 690 was on default settings - then it crashed.
It rebooted fine - BUT!....
This morning I turned my brand new R4 on and the GPU1 power level is stuck on 345%!!
This is just on the desktop nothing else running.
To me that is very very bad! So I do a clean install of windows and the nVidia drivers.
But I am still on this high power level with no applications running.
I have run Alien Autopsy and everything checks out.
It has to be some bit of software telling it to run so high?!
Anyway I am going to call Dell tomorrow, but if anyone has any tips I would be really grateful!
PS I hope I haven't fried the card!