HELP!!! I scratched my x51


Jul 19, 2013
Help i scratched my x51 on the side panel behind the light :mad: And i need to know if there is a fix to it. the scratch is little deep. Any help is wonderful.

I scratched mine as well. On the glossy surface. These things scratch quicker than ikea furniture if you are not careful. I don't know if this would help you or not, but the results for me were great...

In your case I would try a dremel with felt wool polishing wheel with some automotive scratch remover. I do think you'll be able to minimize the scratches.

I used the headlight restore kit that I use for my truck :)

here is the scratch. The picture does not really show, but its a fairly deep scratch. I was bummed out when I made it.


here is the scratch buffed out.


this is the kit.

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