Help my alienware got black screen .. !!


Apr 15, 2013
did you attach a monitor to it to see if that worked? If that monitor worked and you can see your desktop and all, then you will either need to replace the lcd screen or take it somewhere and have it replaced. Seeing that it is over 5yrs old it probably has no warranty - so the choice is yours as to how you want to have it fixed. My self being the line of work that i am in, I would repair it myself. Replacing an lcd screen is not that big a deal, but for a noob - you may wish to consider taking to someone who can fix it for you.
Wish you the best of luck in what ever you choose to do.
Thank you very much . I dont have any monitor around here . I just got in New York a week ago . Everything seems very new for me . Thats the problem . I wish i could find some repair center around here and bring my comp to them . >.< thats a big help bro .