Help my computer is jacked up!!!!

Ok so I wanted to get my theme back so on the ohere thread someone told me to do a system restore so ivdid. I used the recovery disk my x51 came with. I installed everything and bam the theme was back so then i got happy. Well i got to the desktop and all i saw was the RECYCLE BIN!!!! all myvdrivers are gone so i cant use my wireless adapter inside and i cant chang my pc color. Plz help me im pissed that theres nothing on my computer. How can i get my drivers back?!?!?!?


Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
You will need to go into the support page on the Dell website (obviously from another computer). Enter your Service Tag (on the back of your machine somewhere) and it will give you all the drivers needed for your machine. There is a thread here showing the order in which to install them.
Sounds like you've done a fresh install of windows if you've lost everything.