Help, My pc forgot how to use Anti Aliasing

Out of nowhere, everything, including pictures, icons, and most noticeable games, Anti Aliasing stopped working, most images have white dots on the outline where there's aliasing, same deal with games except it feels like everything is flickering because it's in motion, especially when there's a light reflection or a shadow.

I know it's normal to have aliasing, what's not normal is working well on a setting one day, and suddenly not working well the next day on the same setting.

I've literally tried everything:
-A different display.
-Cranked up AA on all the games i have along with Anisotropic filtering.
-Cranked up AA and Anisotropic filtering from Nvidia control panel.
-Different graphics drivers
-Reinstalling Directx
-Memory tests
-tests on the HDD
-tests on the gpu and cpu
-I updated everything including BIOS and chipset drivers.
-Reseated the gpu and HDDs and RAM.
-After all else failed i did a clean reinstallation of windows (not restore, full reinstall).

Nothing works, the gpu is new (less than 1 month old) and everything is in the best possible condition it can be, what the hell is causing this?

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