Help needed!!


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Aug 7, 2016
Hi, this is dark . I am a Noob when it comes to computer builds and graphic software, i have a Alienware Andromeda R 5 X51 with GTX 645..

Recently i have problems with the GPU overheating to 100 C and the fan speed at 90 %. also the FPS drops in games like overwatch ( which i run at low settings ) to 30 fps from 60 . i have checked the system processes and could find no answer ..

also kindly help me if i can and should upgrade my Graphics card / RAM and the most cost effective way fr that as well as i am completely clueless

My specs are : Win 10 / i5 3330 CPUc@ 3.00 Ghz with 8 gb ram 64 bit system

withG Geforce GTX 645 /128 bit / 1024 mb GDDR5.

Thanks in advance


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Sep 4, 2016
It sounds like your GPU is overheating and the card is reducing the clock speed. Your fan may be dead or blocked with a cable, or the heatsink may have become unseated, or the thermal compound has gone.
Remove the card and take off the heatsink, reapply thermal compound and reseat.