Help setting up triple screening (please)


Jun 22, 2013
Hi guys, had my x51 for about 5 days now. With the Gforce 660 - Purchased 3 Ultrasharp Dell u2212hm monitors (I have 2 just waiting for delivery of third one)

I know that this machine can do triple monitoring (extended / one massive monitor) but I have hit a problem. The Ultrasharp monitors do not have HDMI port.

They have :


1 Digital Visual Interface connectors (DVI-D) with HDCP
1 DisplayPort (DP)
1 Video Graphics Array (VGA)
1 USB 2.0 upstream port
4 USB 2.0 downstream ports
DC power connector for Dell Soundbar

The X51 with the 660 graphics card has :
2x DVI
1x display port
1x hdmi

So question is how to hook up the third monitor? Would a normal Display port cable do it? I just have a feeling that others have set this up using 2 x dvi and 1x hdmi. I can't do HDMI because the Ultrrasharp monitor does not have hdmi.

I have looked into a dvi to hdmi cable (5 pounds from amazon) more than happy to buy that if ut would do the trick.

would be great to hear from someone who has an x51 and currently running 3 monitors.

Thanks guys.