Help ! stolen AREA 51

I hate that my first post to a alienware area 51 forum is about this but I need help. Mine was stolen when the thief stole my Jeep Rubicon Unlimited. I remember from the bios that there is a chip or something that I could activate for just this type of event. I contacted Dell about this and they told me that there isn't any tracking chip but I remember it well, I went to the website after activating it but that was some time ago and the info I saved is nowhere to be found and I cannot remember the name of it. Is there anyone here that can look in their bios under security and get me the name of the company that makes this chip. I really need to contact them because I really want my laptop back even if this doesnt lead anywhere, is a total dead end I have to exhaust everything I can think of. I am still making payments on this $6k dollar baddass laptop.


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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
I remember hearing about this some time ago so my memory on it is a little vague. I don't believe it is something that can be done from the manufacturer at a later date. You need third party tracking software/firmware. The software embeds itself into the BIOS so it cannot be removed by formatting the PC. I believe some manufacturers offered the software as an extra when the PC was purchased so you had to take up the offer then or buy it separately later on.