Help troubleshooting AW 14 R1 blackscreen

So I have an Alienware 14 R1 that all of a sudden shows only a black screen after windows start-up. I believe the problem is that the GPU (GTX 765m) has gone out. I think this because I can restart the computer in safe mode and then disable the GPU and run on the intel 4300 and it runs fine.

I have tried updating and rolling back drivers as well as reinstalling them completely.

Now I am in a pickle because I tried to do a fresh install of windows and am stuck after the reboot to finish the set up because I cannot see the screen to finish the install. I cannot go into safe mode at this point to disable the GPU so I can see it because windows cannot finish the install in safe mode.

What advice can yall give me? I currently have $1300 worth of brick. Thanks all.