(Help wanted) Alienware x51 R2 temperature rises/fan gets really loud


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Jul 1, 2017
*I know 0 things about computers, so when I missexplain something let me know.

I was having problems with loud fans for a long time, so I tried talking to customer support and they told me that my temperature is really high so they took it in and tried to fix it. they sent it back saying it was fixed but it was still doing the same thing as before. looked into it and saw that alot of people are having troubles with this so I went to try and find answers about it but couldn't find it. So hear I am now, a year or 2 later since I tried getting it fixed to finally get it fixed using forums instead.

I can play games like league of legends and stuff like that and it works flawlessly (my fan doesn't make a sound) so I never really bothered and cared about looking into fixing it because it wasnt that big of a deal. but now that my friends are moving on playing different games like Overwatch, Guild wars 2, Smite, etc..
I kind of want to join them and get my fan thing sorted out so I dont have to worry about my computer overheating.

(also I dont use forums much so I dont know how to make this look neat xd)
My Normal temperature/fan speeds:

The temperature/fan speeds when I try to play a intensive game:

Based on those, what needs replaced? what do I replace them with, like who had good results with what? and where to find it? how to replace it? (jk I can google that last one)

Thanks so much in advance for reading my middle-school level forum post. very much appreciated for those who can I help/give suggestions! :)
You should try using compressed air to clean it out, the heatsink, the case fans and the GPU cooler.
You can try replacing the thermal paste on the GPU and CPU, look up how to do that if cleaning it doesn't work.
If none of those work well, you might need replacements
If replacing the GPU i'd recommend a blower-style gpu.

I'd await more replies though, not to experienced with tech myself. But the my initial two points you should definitely try.

- Also the fans are loud because you've set them to 70%, that's going to cause noise if you have the stock fans from the X51