Helpe needed to setup 2 SATA hard drives in RAID1


Nov 13, 2012
Hi Guys,

I just received my Aurora R4, which came with 1TB SATA drive. I bought a Samsung SSD, installed it, did the data migration and optimized the SSD drive. I can now boot on the SSD drive and windows 8.1 works fine.

This is y problem. I want to re-use the 1TB SATA drive together with another 1TB SATA drive from my old computer in a RAID1 setup for my data (pictures, movies, my documents, etc...)

I'm surprised that I can't seem to find how to enter the RAID array via the Bios and select those 2 SATA drives and configure them as a RAID1 array???

FYI : I plugged in the 2 1TB SATA drives in slots 3 and 4 in the Aurora. I can go into the bios and I see that both drives are recognized. I can go into windows and see both drives.

In the Bios I went into the advanced - integrated devices menu, and changed the SATA mode to RAID. Then save & reboot, and according to the Aurora manual I should be able to go into the RAID menu during boot by pressing ctrl-I ? I never see that option.

Can anyone help me in how I can enable RAID1 for those 2 SATA drives?
Also, when I select AHCI mode for SATA mode in the bios, my SSD runs as optimal, when I changed that to RAID and booted into windows, my SSD drive utility complained that this setting makes my SSD drive run not optimal?

IS it at all possible to use my SSD as boot drive and then configure 2 SATA drives in RAID1 for data?