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Jun 30, 2014
OKAY! so i have my m11x r1 and when i bought it...beautiful fast clean smooth cilent..then there was an issue i sent it to dell, got it back and i had to reinstall all drivers, and stuff and then it was like a regular pc...not like an alienware its loud, the fan sounds weird as hell, the start up screen is windows 7 bacround (not the red alienware custom backround) the games lag like hell. what happened? what could be the possible issue? ive overclocked it, ive cleaned it inside and out i cleaned the fan with compresed air the laptop has not one spec of dust. yes fan is going crazy, laptop overheats while doing NOTHING like im on facebook and the laptop starts searing. god forbid i play borderlands or far would shut off..i used to play WoW on ultra graphics with NO LAG, now barley on good


Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
They've used a standard windows cd when they reinstalled your OS. That's probably why you've lost the alienware theme.
If I were you I'd open it up again and redo the thermal paste on your GPU. It's a pain in the M11x but it could be your problem. I did it a few times when I had an R3.
If you've got your own windows CD I would do another complete reinstall. You can also grab an SSD for it if you haven't already.
Good luck!