Hi And Holiday Cheers To All

Hi, my name is Joseph and I am pleased to join such a prestigious group of individuals. I purchased my Alienware Area 51 Full tower system back in 6/27/2003 from the original Alienware company based out of Miami, FL. It was a kick-a** desktop computer for that time but over the years, I did a few upgrades such as memory, different vid cards, and hard drives. I was heavy into gaming during my early years (25-45 years of age), but I lost the use of my left hand due to a accident while with the US Army in 2007. My last upgrade was less about gaming as much as just keeping my desktop up to the times. I am installing one last thing to my beast and that is a SSD 2.5 card. Then me and the beast can just rest easy in our golden years. LOL
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Kind of ironic that 27 1/2 years of service and lots of bumps and bruises but a slip on ice at a training site would tear my bicep tendon and my rotator cuff and then a forgotten bundle of sutures for 4 months would cause me to lose the use of my hand. Lucky though I had put in my retirement papers and the Army couldn't medical me out for less money.