holy megapixal mayhem batman


Apr 12, 2012
That's insanity....

We're not there yet to be able to run surround @4k res. There's been a thread on ocn for 4k and it takes a 4930k. and 4 titans to get only decent fps. It actually worked better with 3 since sli is sketchy after just 2 in most games, is what he said. That's running games like crysis 3 and bf3 at max. Not to mention 4k tv's don't even the capability to run above 30hz without hdmi 2.0, which nothing out has I believe.

We're on the edge of needing 12gb vram and the power of 2 or 3 titans in one card for that much res. Next gen won't bring much to the table I bet, so we're still a few gens away for that gpu power.

tappin from the neXus 5