How can I overclock a CPU ? Aurora R4 i7-4930k

Helo PuweY

New Member
Feb 19, 2016
HeY GuYs,

Aurora R4 ALX
i7-4930k 6 Core CPU (Default @ 4.1Ghz)
32 GB 1600Mhz Memory (4x8GB)

just would like to ask if someone could help me with his experience.
At the Moment I just pushed the 6 Core's Ratio to 42 and I've got all Cores @ 4.2Ghz.
If I'm going to 43 , I get a BSOD before Log-In Screen or short time after it.
Only if I tune 4 Cores to 42 and leave the other 2 Cores @ 41 everything is still stable.
I think for going higher I Need more Voltage, but there can I set it?
I've got the latest A11 BIOS.

I would be really thankful, because I read that this CPU can handle 4.4Ghz without Problems.