How do i fix Nvidia installer?

so my graphics driver wont install can some one sent me step by step how to install it.

im useing the driver install disk and it wont install it says Nvidia Installer cannot continue and then in smaill print it says this graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware.

after installing a SSD in my m18x R2 i desided to not clone my only hard drive and just reinstall windows and the alienware drivers disk. the only driver that wont install is the Nvidia drivers hope someone has gone throu this be for.

iv tryed going to device manager and then to display adapters the only thing there is the Intel HD 4000 graphics

if some one knows of a youtube video that can run me throu this please post the link save me here.


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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
Ok that's no good. Maybe try switching the graphics first by pressing the key on the keyboard and then restarting. Maybe you need to be in Nvidia mode before installing the driver

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The M18x doesn't have optimus so maybe that could be the reason. I'm crossing my fingers

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Also, did you follow the correct sequence for reinstalling drivers after a fresh install of Windows? The wrong order can mess things up.

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