How I decorated my M11x R3


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Mar 23, 2017
I thought I'd show how I decorated my m11x r3. I love this little laptop and have had a great deal of fun with it through the years. I really had a lot of fun playing with various technologies bringing about a theme. Some will love it, some will hate it, some won't care, but I thought I'd share my video and how I did it.
I used deskscape 8 to make the desktop wallpaper animated, i used madotate to get the 3d windows that zoom into space, i used the free alienware media player software to get that media player, i used rocket dock with holographic icons for the top menu, i used rainmeter software with the "blue" theme to get the cpu usage on the desktop, with realtime network traffic, cpu processes, actual battery charge level, and so on. I used open hardware monitor to display the temps of the cpu, gpu, and hdd in the lower right corner, you can also display utilization percentages, and other items like memory, and so on. Having gpu temp & cpu usage % is handy for game players. But here's the video.
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