How long did it take to get your Alienware?

I just bought my wife an Alienware 14 base model only upgrading the display and getting Win 7, I bought it yesterday (8/4/14) and it is already processed and says "in production" but they gave me an estimated delivery date of 8/27/14 that seems awfully long to me I don't remember it taking that long when I bought my Alienware 18 on Cyber Monday so I was just wondering what other peoples experiences have been with how long it has taken to get their computer? I know it might seem silly inquiring after only a day but we are very anxious to get it and really hoping the it wont actually take 3 weeks to get here.
Thanks everyone. This feels like the longest wait ever! My wife keeps checking her email every 5 mins to see if the status has changed haha, so far it still says in production but they updated the estimated delivery date to 8/15/14 which is a lot better than the 27th! but still feels like a long wait! So it looks like it will be about 2 weeks for me also. They probably give you a far off date to begin with so that when they move it closer you feel like its coming early even though it is still taking a long time haha.The strange thing is it has a note that it is "partially shipped" which is weird because all we ordered was the computer, no accessories or anything, weird.