How many hard drive bays?


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Dec 8, 2013
Hi Forum !

I want to know how many hard drive bays does the new Alienware 18 has ? I heard people say 2 x 2.5 inch hard drive bays, plus 1 x mSATA drive. Then I heard 1 x 2.5 inc hard drive bays, plus 1 x mSATA drive. So which is it ? :)


Jan 5, 2014
i am new to this forum,i was wondering if you could help me,i need to source a hdd caddy and sata cable (hdd) for my Alienware 18,so i could do with the part numbers,i also need a battery part number.
I have got my hands on an Alienware 18,it is a bare bones ,rare i know,but need a few bits to complete
Shank is 100% correct . Something I didn't get until I cracked it open and looked around. You have a msata drive, then you have a dual HD caddie that holds two drives. You also have your DVD drive. That is it completely full. When I first bought it I was under the impression I had to remove the optical drive to add the two hard drives, but this wasn't the case.
Shank is correct BUT

If you remove the DVD drive and source another dual HD caddy you had add another 2 drives.

I havent done this but I have removed my DVD drive and then placed the HD caddy in place of it. You have to reverse the mounting screws as they are the wrong way around for the DVD area and get another sata cable to connect them the same as what is uded in the other drive bay.