How much is it worth...? Please help!!

I have a friend of a friend with a damaged Alienware 18 lying around, not thought about selling it.

Specs are:
Intel i7 4900MQ
Windows 8.1 Pro
1TB Western Digital HD
80GB Sata boot drive

GPU is faulty, doesn't work atall. It has the normal onboard graphics card working fine tho.

In your expert opinion and experience, what would you suggest is a good price to offer and do you think k it's worth taking it on as a fixer upper?

Thanks in advance!

Arthur Ausili

New Member
Oct 20, 2015
It makes me wonder how both GPU cards failed at the same time. You could try uninstalling the GPU drivers, download them and reinstall to see if that fixes the problem.

Has anyone taken it apart and possibly left a loose connection somewhere?

If all else fails, you may be able to restore vale to it by adding two lesser expensive cards purchased from eBay. There is a lot of information on You Tube on how to install them if you have the time and patience. "As is", I would guess you would get less than $800 for it.