How to over come 2133mhz ram limits on Area51 R2 with I7-5960X X99 ,Now overclocked from BIOS with XMP corsair platinum DDR4 @3200Mhz

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Jul 5, 2016
This Alienware Area 51 R2 with X99 has been a nightmare to stabilize, please DELL tell me why are the direct BIOS overclocking settings, such a pain in the arse to work with,
why make a pc for overclocking, that you really don't want to be overclocked outside of its software-based UIFE ,

This has been a big problem for DELL right the way back through to there XPS 700/730x series, the way they don't let you have full control to add and change settings, showing you values that don't mean anything, unfathomable to most of us with some or little knowledge of overclocking
which after all, what should be a standard hardware upgrade like ram and CPU's. voltages or the XMP auto settings.

Dell\Alienware settings are set up in such a way as to just use default settings to auto and just adding the right juice for a ram update still don't make the XMP x2 work like normal, as with other High-end Motherboards like ROG and MSI bios settings, there as good as Plug and play, but not DELL.

well, even with all the doubters and web gurus links saying to the contrary I have managed to get this baby to run pass the 2133 mhz overclocked to 3200mhz with ddr4 and with upgraded ram, but it's not been fun at all with over a hundred restarts and many many hours to stabilize it, next time ill go by an ASUS ROG and save time and Money. as for support, I've not seen one video of anyone using the bios and not the software to overclock this Badboy outside of there Dell parts.


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Jan 9, 2013
You have a custom MSI MS-7862. But like my cat, it's been de-clawed. I believe I saw overclocking banter & comparing of notes on AlienArena & NotebookReview (51 Desktop Owners but can't point to any specific post to follow. Word on the street was to use Intel XTU, which worked but did not survive a reboot, 'session overclocking', drove the guys nuts. Useful overclocking help might be found in say an 'MSI X99 Overclocking Guide' search, browsing the MSI forums & uTube, like Jayz attempt here > MSI X99A Motherboard & Overclocking > > I didn't watch it myself, you can search for vids & google-fu it all when you have the time. You might compare notes with a proper MSI performance-oriented board to find out which Bios settings you've been robbed of (hidden / static settings etc), then see how far u get based on what the MSI overclockers crowd is doing when using their unlocked Bios & duplicating what u can with what you've got.
I bought an empty R2 case 2years ago & used a non-x99 board in it, I finally got a 7862 board for it delivered last month $63/shipped, but haven't bought a CPU for it yet. I did buy an MSI x99 for my other case last month also, I got the 6850k up to 4.7 with few Bios changes & the DDR4 3600 was set down to 3400 long enough to do a few benchmarks, after that I set the mem down to 3200, removed the cpu overclock & haven't done a deep dive since, just trying to enjoy things here. I placed the 6850 + memory into the alienboard when it arrived to check that it was ok, it crapped out at 2933 & had to revert it to 2666 for it to work *shrug*, took CPU out, will deal with it when I get a chip later & try to make use of your screenshots settings. When I get around to finding out how to OC my MSI properly I'll try to translate that down to the alien. Comparing the Bios between the two reveals that the 7862's been gutted pretty good, a locked Bios vs an unlocked one. 2666 (or 2933?) used to be the ceiling on the alienboard, 3200MHz is quite an achievement, well done, I hope it's stable & sticks around for good
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Feb 14, 2018
I tired these settings on my Area 51 R2 with i7 6800k and xmp on turned to auto not link and I just got new Corsair 3000mhz rgb ram but it doesn’t work. My pc just stops at logging screen or restarts. I have 850w ps4 and like dual 1080 ti FE GPUs sli with like 4 drives and usb add in card and every usb is being used. I think I need a bigger PSU but I would sure like to get my full 3000mhz. I can only get it to 2666 but that’s only using XMP.. please help