How to Overclock the GT540M

Hi, this is a quick guide to overclocking the M11x graphics card. Its a simple process, and shouldn't harm the GPU as you are not increasing the voltage.

What you need:
Msi Afterburner: found here
Msi Kombustor: It is included with the Afterburner download
The latest Nvidia Drivers: Current is 295.73

How it works: Open Msi Afterburner and you will see 5 sliders, 2 of them will be locked (cpu voltage and fan speed). So for our purposes we will only use the 3 unlocked ones (core, shader, and memory clocks). Your current clocks should be 672, 1344, and 900 in that order.

To begin overclocking you simply move the core clock slider (note: it should always be linked to the shader clock, and thus be 2x the shader clock). Strictly speaking you should move the sliders 10mhz at a time to find your stable speed (we will talk about testing stability later), but the GT540m has been extensively tested, so you can start at 750mhz and move up or down 10mhz at a time to find your stable speed. The memory clock should also be moved 10mhz at a time, but as I said before the GT540 has been tested by many people, so you should get about 1000mhz safely.

To test stability you run Msi Kombuster, which will open up and you will see many buttons and check boxes. Ignore everything but the box that says "xtreme burn in" check that box. Then hit the big button that says "GPU burn-in" What will happen is that a fur mark test will launch whew you see a moving furry MSI immage. This will tax your cpu at 100% and monitor the temps, make sure your temps Don't exceed 90c, and run it for over one hour. If nothing crashes, the clocks stay at what you set them, and you don't see any artifacts (i.e. weird marks/pixels in the furry image) then you have a stable overclock. If there are any of those problems, move the sliders another 10mhz in either direction. Note: you will probably not get core clocks over 850mhz without more voltage, most people claim that around 800mhz is where they are stable with the GT540m
Stability essentially is the fact everything is running normal; that is, your GPU temps are within normal ranges (65c to about 85c) and your video card doesn't crash, you don't get any BSOD (blue screens), flickering, or artifacts on your screen (artifacts being what looks like distorted pixilations). If everything is "normal" then you have stability.


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May 28, 2013
I registered because of this topic. Thank a lot for making such an informative tutorial! I absolutely love my r3 and have been itching to get a little more out of it for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon & Bioshock: Infinite

My big question is that even with stock core clock & memory speeds, my temp reaches 90 degrees within 3 minutes running Kombuster GPU burn-in.

I'm using MSI AfterBurner 2.3.1 with Kombuster 2.5.0

Display device : GeForce GT 540M on GF108 GPU
Display driver : 320.18

Am I missing something? I propped up the back end on coasters, underclocked the CPU in bios (!), and even bought a USB powered cooling mat hoping that the fans would help keep the core temps down. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch!