HOW TO: Restore the Alienware 'Look and Feel' after a clean install of Windows 7

Hi all! Here is another guide from "BatBoy", who help us, Alienware Owners keep our systems at its best.

This guide help us to get those style things that comes pre-instaled on our systems, but whenever we make a fresh install of Windows we may lost them.

The process of restoring the OEM background used at Windows login (think Alienware Red Glyph Wallpaper) and the Alienware User Avatars is rather a simple a process. Once you do this a couple of times, this process only takes a couple of mins.

Lets get started


1. Alienware Wallpapers Archive
(Grabbed from

2. Alienware User Pictures - see attached
(this is your avatar selection - user account picture)

3. Alienware Red Glyph Wallpaper - see attached (backgrounddefault.jpg)
(this is your login screen)

**For the below steps we need to show hidden directories. To do so, see this link: Show Hidden Files and Folders in Windows 7 or Vista - How-To Geek**

Once you have downloaded/saved the required files and set hidden directories to be visible, we need to perform some tweaking and file moving. Lets start with the Red Glyph Wallpaper which will be used as your Windows Login Screen.

Windows Login/Logoff Screen:
1. Copy the Red Glyph Wallpaper to this location:
(If you do not have this directory, create it)

2. Open REGEDIT from the Start Menu (yes, you can simply type REGEDIT in the search box to locate it).

3. In REGEDIT, navigate to this key:

Within this key you will see a DWORD for OEMBACKGROUND. Doubleclick it and change the 0 to a 1. This will instruct Windows to use a custom background as the Login Screen. Remember, you can use just about any image for this. Just be sure the image/file name is: backgrounddefault

4. Close REGEDIT - the change will automatically be saved.

Thats it. Your system should now see the change and implement the Alienware Red Glyph background as your Login/Logoff Screen. There is no need to reboot - to test, hit WINDOWS KEY+L.

Alienware User Pictures/Avatars
1. Save the attached .zip archive to the desktop and extract it.

2. Open this location on your system:

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\User Account Pictures\Default Pictures

3. Go back to the archive you just unextracted and copy the *contents*, not the folder itself. Paste the contents (pictures) into the directory listed in Step 2 and close the window/directory.

Thats it. Your system should now the additional user pictures and you can change them by going to the User Accounts control panel.

Alienware Wallpapers
Quite often, we see posts asking how to put the Alienware Wallpapers back onto the system after a clean install in order to have them show up when a user right clicks on the desktop and chooses Personalize---> Desktop Background. This is also a simple process -

1. Extract the contents of the archive you downloaded from This archive includes all of the Alienware wallpapers.

2. Open the following directory on your C: drive -


3. Create a directory titled "Alienware"

4. Copy the contents of the wallpaper archive to this new directory.

5. Go back and hide hidden folders and files or you will be stuck seeing a bunch of sensitive system files and directories. Again, the process can be found here.


Thats it folks... You now have the look and feel of the factory install restored. Questions, post away or PM me.

Enjoy your systems!

All credit goes to: BatBoy. I did NOT make this tutorial, not even edited it, i just borrowed it from its original forum.

Here is the link to download the AW User Pictures.

And also, there is another way to change the Log-In background, its a little program i use everytime, for the users who doesn't know a lot of PC's and want to avoid moving things on theirs systems: Win7 Background Logo Changer.


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