how to setup raid zero on alienware area51 r6 threadripper?


Apr 6, 2019
Unable to find any info on raid for area51 r6 threadripper 1950x. The bios has no entry for selecting raid either. Do i have to change the bios or is raid only for intel systems? Any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance,


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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
Sorry, I have zero experience with these desktops so I'm limited to Google searches on this one. I believe the BIOS is set to RAID by default though so it may just have to be setup with some third party software.
A BIOS can be set to RAID even when RAID isn't being used, it just allows the function to be set up at some stage.
Older Alienware's used to have a RAID setup splash screen that quickly popped up during boot but I'm not sure if this is the case with these desktops. I'll have to do some more research.

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