How to swap my C and D drives or some other solution


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Apr 3, 2016
Well, for the most part I'm happy with my new AW, I have the 6820 and 980m combo. As for the hard drive(s) one is the standard 1Tb 6700 and the other is an SSD 128Gb. I'd wanted a bigger one but It took all my money to get that GTX 980m, spendy little bastards. My thinking with the SSD was that's where I put all my games, depending on the size of Windows 10 maybe that as well, but that's it. Well for what ever reason, Dell has it set up that EVERYTHING is on the SSD, it was a third to half full when I unpacked it. I down load a couple of games from my Steam library, and it's maxed out. I've moved what I can to the D drive but what's left is telling me I don't have permission or something like that, I'm in administrator login so I know it's not that. I just want to have my hard drive just like all the other hard drives I've ever had and the SSD just for the games. Advice, recommendations I'm all eyes.