How well does the Alienware X51 desktop play high graphic games?


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Aug 19, 2014
I have heard a few reviews on the machine and they all said It was a well rounded gaming desktop. I know their are different variables of the x51, but Im looking at the 3rd gen intel i7, 3.4ghz,8gigs of ram and 1gb nvidia 650. Sorry for the really scratchy specs, but I can't remember the exact details. Anyway, thanks, 5 stars for the best answer.


May 4, 2012
In my x51 I had a i5 and a 650ti, I could run skyrim accross three screens at a pretty high level of detail. bf3 crashed on 3 screens, but played great on a single one.
I ran titanfall maxed out on a single screen and it was flawless.
I did burn up my 650ti though in a small lian li case with little airflow.

I am now running a i3 with a 750ti in my x51 and again, it runs everything really well.

My old specs
i5 3570k
16gb ram
650ti 1 gb
Current specs
i3 3225
750ti 2gb
8gb ram

The reason for the cpu/ram downgrade was that I build a small lian li mitx computer and used those parts in it.