Humble Weekly Sale Paradox Interactive (8 games)


Aug 7, 2013
Austin, TX
For more than the average payment of $5.80 (at the time of this writing) you get 8 games and 8 soundtracks!&utm_term=newsletter_banner_jpg

For $125 you can get 48 Paradox Interactive games and 20 sound tracks

The Big Kahuna includes a total of 48 games on Steam, along with 20 total soundtracks:

Mount & Blade – Windows
Hearts of Iron II: Complete – Windows
Europa Universalis: Rome - Gold Edition – Windows
Europa Universalis: Rome - Vae Victis – Windows
King Arthur - The Role-Playing Wargame – Windows
Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come – Windows
King Arthur - Fallen Champions – Windows
King Arthur II - The Role-Playing Wargame – Windows
Europa Universalis III – Windows and Mac
Hearts of Iron III – Windows and Mac
East India Company – Windows
Majesty 2 – Windows
Majesty: Gold Edition – Windows
Lead and Gold - Gangs of the Wild West – Windows
War of the Roses – Windows
For The Glory – Windows
Arsenal of Democracy – Windows
Sword of the Stars Complete Collection – Windows
Magicka – Windows
The Kings' Crusade – Windows
Victoria II – Windows
Victoria: Revolutions – Windows
Sword of the Stars II: Enhanced Edition – Windows
Mount & Blade: Warband – Windows
Ship Simulator Extremes – Windows
Commander: Conquest of the Americas – Windows
Pirates of the Black Cove – Windows
Cities in Motion – Windows and Mac
Defenders of Ardania – Windows
Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game – Windows
Sengoku – Windows
Majesty Gold HD – Windows
Naval War: Arctic Circle – Windows
Starvoid – Windows
A Game of Dwarves – Windows
Gettysburg: Armored Warfare – Windows
Impire – Windows
Leviathan: Warships – Windows and Mac
Warlock - Master of the Arcane – Windows
Crusader Kings II – Windows, Mac, and Linux
The Showdown Effect – Windows and Mac
Crusader Kings Complete – Windows
Dungeonland – Windows and Mac
Cities in Motion 2 – Windows and Mac
March of the Eagles – Windows
Knights of the Pen and Paper +1 – Windows, Mac, and Linux
Teleglitch: Die More Edition – Windows, Mac, and Linux
War of the Vikings Alpha – Windows
I picked up the last Humble Bundle, with BF3, Sims, Mirrors Edge, Left for Dead, Left for Dead 3... I can't recall all the rest.
The Humble Bundle is a fantastic idea, I'm glad I found it when I did, and that it's continuing.. I thought it'd be a very limited thing.


Aug 7, 2013
Austin, TX
I picked that one up as well, I will pick this one up today. I like the RTS games the crusader king and Europa Universalis series are pretty good .. hard (well for me) to get the hang of it but fun nonetheless :)

I am glad my brother let me know about it the site. Here's to gaming for charity :)