Hypothetical Worst Case Scenario

Alec Pantaleoni

New Member
Mar 1, 2016
Hello all, I will be receiving an Nvidia GTX 750 Ti for my X51 R2 in the mail later this afternoon, and I have every intention of installing it. Trouble is, I am very dependent on a reliable computer for my schoolwork. I've upgraded GPUs before, swapping out the OEM GTX 645 unit with a GTX 650 unit. The results were more than satisfactory and I have not encountered any issues of any kind. The reason for my anxiety now however is to do with the vastly increased power of the 750. It's bigger and requires more power. I already have a 330w psu, so I don't foresee any problems on the power front, but in the case that there is, that is where my fear comes from. My question is what is the absolute worst case scenario if the GPU or power supply fail? I do not believe I still have the software CD that came with the 650, so I can't just swap it back in in the case of a failure. What I want from you is your opinion. Do you guys think the possibility of a failure is large? Is there any way to recover from a failure? Anything will help.
Alec as far as the software for your old card you dont need it. Nvidia's website has a suite called GeForce Experience this software suite contains every driver needed for Nvidia GPU's, as far as your Power Supply you should be good since most 750TI's only require a 300 w PS max. so 330 will give you a slight bit of room.
http://www.geforce.com/geforce-experience (Link to the nvidia software suite )