Hypothetically how much could you sell one of these laptops for?


The exact version in question is:

17.3" 1080P HD
i7-720QM 2.66GHz (Turbo 2.8)
8GB 1333MHz Ram
ATi Radeon HD 5870 1GB VRAM
1TB 7200RPM
Blu-Ray/DVD Reader
Backlit keyboard
etc details in the link...

A friend of mine wants to sell this laptop but doesn't know how much he should ask. I guessed between 600-800$, probably meeting somewhere in the middle.
I've examined it and even disassembled it to the last screw for a thermal CPU/GPU repaste job, it's in pretty good condition, certainly handles most games out there on Medium settings.
The used market for laptops like this in my area is infrequent but they sell for certain either for parts or as a whole. Market is usually flooded with Macbooks and iMacs from graduate students looking to dump some baggage and move away.

What do you guys say? 600>800$ little too low or too high?