I GIVE UP! This is the best CPU cooler that I can find!

Hello to everyone

I'll tell my experience with the X51,

I live in South America, in summer the normal temps are 40 Celsius (104 Fahrenheit). And my idle cpu temps with the stock cooler was 60-70 Celsius, and with Prime95 they raised very easily to 100 C!!!

So I have searched in google and forums from all over the world for a good heatsink for my Alienware X51 R2 for almost a year!, I bought and try 6 different coolers, a LOT of fans, there's just two heatsinks that I want to try, but they are not released yet. The "Sandia Cooler" and this very rare Prolimatech dual tower heatsink http://www.expreview.com/24738.html (You can find more images of this one searching "Prolimatech 70mm" in Google).

Heatsinks installed:
1- Stock cooler
2- Gelid Slim Hero + fan Prolimatech USV 140mm
3- Xigmatek Janus
4- Dynatron K666 + moded taking out the cover and adding 4 fans (one of each side)
5- A very rare CPU cooler for LGA 2011 with 3 heatpipes and a vapor chamber, aluminium fins and copper base
6- Another very rare CPU cooler for LGA 2011 with 4 heatpipes and a vapor chamber, 100% copper

To install the last two ones, I bought a Noctua mounting kit and do some adaptations and experiments to get them well attached to the CPU, but doesn't work at 100% efective

Anyways.. The best cooler of all is the Dynatron K666 + Thermal Paste Shin Etsu + 4 fans (I tried configs with Noctua 60x25mm pushing + 2 evercool 60x10mm pulling... And now I upgrade all of them to 2 Nanoxia 60x25mm (NDS60-2000) pushing + 2 Gelid Silent 6 60x15mm pulling...

The Nanoxia are slowed down at 7v and the Gelid Silent are connected at 5v with the adaptors included with the Noctua Fans because I don't want to hear ANY noise from my case :p

But here doesn't finish my story... I replace the 60mm fan in the VGA room for one Noctua (And now for a Nanoxia 60mm conected at 7v too)

The 40mm fan located under the Blu-Ray drive, was replaced for a 40mm Noctua fan. And even add 2 more 40mm Noctua fans in the upside part of the back connectors of the motherboard for exhaust the hot air inside the case quickly (The 3 40mm fans connected at 7v too)

Software installed, to downgrade my temps I installed the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, and downgrade the CPU voltage (that helps A LOT), and even apply a little Underclock, from 3.9 Ghz to 3.5 or 3.0 (depends on what I need).

Testing the CPU for 30 mins with Prime95
*At 3.0 Ghz my temps are:
idle 35 C
Max 66 C

At 3.9 Ghz with Turbo enabled (but with Underclock, that don't affect the performance)
idle 35 C
Max 90 C

My room temps are about 25 Celsius when testing the CPU

At normal gaming at 3.5 Ghz (Turbo disabled) the temps are about 50-55 C

P.S 1: Sorry for my bad english
P.S 2: I upgrade my CPU from 4770 to 4770k (All the test was maded over te 4770k)
P.S 3: If someone wants pictures of the case with the Dynatron heatsink and all the fans installed, just ask and I'll take them and upload to the post.
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