I have a question about my new Seasonic PSU on Aurora R4


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Apr 12, 2018
First, i'm really sorry if i do a lot of mistakes in English language.

Hello everyone, I would have liked to know if, after the installation of my new PSU (seasonic platinium 650w Focus Plus), this one is going to damage it ?
When i talked about "Damage", I want to speak about the cage of the psu. Because this new psu is smaller than the original one.
Of course, there is some avantage, like the breathing room, for the ventilation system.
But the seasonic is suspended right now. And, it are suspended only by 4 screw.
Do you have some solution to relieve the psu about his weight ?

Some pictures to explain my "problem" :

Sans titre7.jpg


Cordialy, XENON
Unless you are moving it around a lot, I wouldn't worry about it.

Another option, which I would do, and suggested by Alienwulf, is to put some shims under it, made of some rubber pads, or the black styrofoam from your Alienware shipping box, if you still have it..
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