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May 16, 2012
Forgive me if this is the wrong place. But I bought a m14x on eBay. Runs awesome. But it came without a.w. packaging, which sucks, but isn't the problem. It came with only 1 win7 install disk. I thought there should be 2. My m14x does not have respawn or autopsy. I'm afraid to do a fresh install because I don't want to lose fusion and FAX. ARE THERE 2 DISKS? Lol. Suggestions?
there is only 1 windows disc
there are other discs with drivers (though depending on when they made can be outdated, whatever you have to check and download/update to the latest versions) there is nothing which can't be found on the dell site or by goggling.
Respawn and autopsy google them you'll get it don't worry, latter very useful and sort of must have I must say. Even I didn't had it installed with my system.
It seems we are in the same problem, i bought my Alienware from eBay and it came with no disk, no partition and no way to get the original OS back. I had to download the Win7 OEM from Microsoft and use my Product Key, but it makes some incopatibilities and sometimes, my lap gets slow or have issues with AlienFX and AlienSense...

If you find a way to get the Original AW OS, please tell me so i can get rid of my problems too.
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I'm pretty much sure you can find every drive and software you need on the DELL's resource website, as long as you have the tag number, which can be found in AlienAutopsy.

Indeed, you can find any software you need, but not the OS.

About 6 months ago i found an Alienware Windows 7 .iso on the internet, i downloaded it and installed on my laptop, it didn't ask for any product key and had the Alienware head logo, but the best part is that my laptop was like brand new, no problems, really fast and no problem of any kind. The thing is that
the DVD i had it is now useless and i can't use it anymore, the links for that OS are dead and i'm stuck. I hope someone else re-upload that OS so i can share it here.