i need someone to dumb it down to me pls

hello .

i just found out Alienware 18 isn't Idiot Proof !

yesterday i got my Alienware 18 laptop with Windows 8 .
made a few updates , and decided to partition the HDD so i can have more partitions .
the idea was that :
1.i can keep Windows 8 and avoid any problems in the future if Dell if they complain about the waranty
2.i can install Windows 7 on another partition
3.keep the rest of the HDD for data storage

now , the laptop came with a RAID configuration .

so i partitioned the HDD in such a way it didn't enter Windows anymore , stating there is an error.
so i started playing with the Win 7 DVD hoping i can by-pass this problem and at least have 1 Windows working (recovery partition and DVD didn't work . there was no working partition ... :( )

so i started playing with the BIOS , and switch from RAID to SATA and finally installed Windows 8 , after which i've enabled AHCI (better than nothing, right ?)
before i enabled AHCI , i quick-formated the mSATA SSD , and in windows i've inabled something called ReadyBoost for the entire SSD .

my questions to you :
1. if i want to install Windows 8 , but with a RAID configuration , what is the correct procedure ?

2. can i have Windows 8 and Windows 7 on RAID without a problem ? if so , can i have 3 different partitions , 1 for W8,1 for W7 and 1 for storage ?

3. how efficient is the AHCI over the previous RAID ?

4. i've downloaded the Alienware 18 manual found on this website, but the BIOS settings are kind of thick . is there another manual or thread/article which explains the BIOS in detail ?

5. on youtube i've found the guy from NCIX Tech Tips , saying that it's better to have your OS on the SSD and keep your software on your HDD . i've downloaded a software called Intel® Data Migration Software which clones the HDD on the SSD . is it better this way ? what do you think ?

thank you in advance for any help or advice you can give .

my configuration :
Alienware 18 , Intel 4700Q , WD 750 GB Black + Samsung 64 GB mSATA , nVidia770 SLI
First its better to order the system the way you want it and leave it that way. But since you have changed every thing this is best for you to do. You do not void your warranty installing win7 instead of 8 you can even add third party like ram or SSD's they just ask you to reinstall the hardware it came with if you have a problem. So hang on to any parts. You did not post your system spec's would help. Raid will use 2 hard drives to stripe your OS for speed very fast..if you install the OS on the SSD fastest. Most people who want the fastest boot time go SSD period. Put OS and 1 or 2 of your best games on it DO NOT fill it up leave at least a third or more free for updates and house cleaning by the SSD. I would go ahead and install win7 if thats what you like best. If and when you have a problem you can always reinstall win 8. You really don't want to stop and chose which OS to boot into first every time you start up the system trust me that gets old quick. If you check my sig my system are on SSD's and in raid on top of that not not needed there is no difference you can see in the real world 1 SSD vs 2 SSD's in raid 0 except in benchmark scores and not worth the cost. Hope this helps get your system set up and enjoy it instead of stressing..:cool: