I Shit Myself....

SO GUYS I just did something that was much needed, I am now very grateful I have done it and I feel a lot better about myself.

I have successfully re-pasted my M14x. I ordered some Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste (because I couldn't find an outlet for ICDiamond that didn't come from Hong Kong/USA/Overseas and didn't look shady) and repasted my GPU and CPU.
After I had reassembled I turned on the laptop and... I got 5 beeps... which means... CPU/RAM/Motherboard problem! Aaaand I pretty much shit myself.
SO I took it apart again... looked over everything again, and again... and again and I prayed to all mighty computerismo that I would get this working....

Upon reassembling the second time, I turned it on... and BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!
I curled into a ball on my couch for about 5 mins contemplating jumping off a cliff. SO in 1 last ditch attempt I called Alienware tech support, Edward was a very nice guy and told me to do 1 thing. Press the Function key (FN) while pressing the power button AND... it worked. I grew a pair of wings just then and I felt saved.

I feel really stupid, I watched the video's over and over and readied myself with new demagnetized screw drivers, anti static bubble wrap, the paste and heavy duty cleaner and purifier and I thought I had done everything right... well it turns out I have done everything right without much of a hitch. And for those who don't care about that and want to know the Artic Silver 5 stats:

Low/Idle = 45/50 at 10% load WHERE I WAS GETTING 55-60
High = 80max Where I was getting 85-95

GPU Overclocked to max 770mhz + Memory clock up to 1170 with MSI Afterburner
Idle = 40 where I was getting 55
100%= 68 where I was getting 75
Pushing out 80fps on Ultra Tribes Ascend in 16v16 explosion-o-rama
60fps Ultra Skyrim

I am very please :)

IT'S IN THE MAIL!!! Pictures and review to follow, check out the thread under Hardware
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Mar 19, 2012
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I can only imagine what you must have been going through! Glad it all worked out for you. Looks like great results.

Regarding Dell/Alienware support, When I was originally reseaching laptops I heard heaps of bad stories about Dell and their support. I have only ever had great service from them. Good to see they helped you out without any problems.
Nice! I want to re-paste mine too but im afraid of losing the processor xD

The first time I opened my laptop to replace the power dc jack, I was really scared of doing something that may ruin the hardware or broke it. When i finish the replacement, and reassembled the laptop it didn't turn on, nothing happened and i was almost crying for it xd After several times of tooking apart and reassembling I noticed that i wasn't connecting the Alienhead button to turn it on.

Those little things that are "must check" are the commonly forgotten ones, its a horrible feeling that cames when you think you just broke your laptop/desktop.

Hope i get the strenght needed to do it soon x(