In Love!


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May 24, 2013
So I purchased my M17x in 2011 and used her as my primary PC with a 28" LCD until she started overheating. The warranty ran out so I put her up in her bag in the corner. Well my 8+ year XPS410 died this past week. So I found you guys and managed to perform an Alien Autopsy (literally) on my girl. The 3 fans we caked with this black looking soot. I cleaned her off, put all her parts and pieces back. Once more she is golden!!!! I even upgraded her 8gb ram to 16gb yesterday. I have a 128gb SSD coming today and plan on upgrading that tonight.. I have fallen in love with my M17x again!! This site rocks!!

My advice is that every laptop user should have a cooling pad. I recommend CM or CM Storm. They are nicely build and very efficient. Also they offer you a better finger rest on the keyboard. And don't forget about the monthly maintenance :D.