[India] Dead gtx 680m Need help


Jul 1, 2013
I own M17xr4 with gtx 675m 3d .My previous thread http://forum.notebookreview.com/alienware-18-m18x/763846-india-m18xr2-alienware-17-a.html
i was in a dilemna which to buy eventually i got a gtx 680m for sale here in india
but the seller never gave warranty or replacements...seeing that he had a good reputation here and sold over 25 cards
i decided to buy and to my surprise it was dead on arrival !! 8 beeps of death !! Tried everything cmos reset cleaned reapplied thermal paste
but my gtx 675m is still working the seller is not accepting returns or replacements
Physically the card looks good without any damage so am guessing its not having bios at all
Here in india there is no way to repair it or to find alienware m18x owners to help me flashing it....doubt the dell will also repair it cause gtx 675m came with my laptop plus warranty also expired !!
Any way to repair it ??
I have an idea
Any of u who is nearby india and has an alienware 18x or m17x without 3d can u help in flashing this card bios or if u have a alienware with gtx 680m under warranty could u install my card and claim ur warranty to get a replaced gtx 680m for me??
i can ship the card to your address too
Plz help....am out of options and dell india said they can only replace my gtx 675m and not gtx 680m...its 25000 INR down the drain plz help


Jan 21, 2013
you dont need to flash anything....I had a 675m and it died....dell sent a tech to replace it...he removed old 675 and installed new 680m...i asked him about flashing he said no need...found the card on start up and been running fine since Nov 2013

Besides you cant get the 675m anymore.....If you found one just install it or the 680m...no need for flashes.....tested and verified this works with 680m

good luck