Infiltrating Area 51


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Sep 28, 2019
What's up gamers,

Found the forum earlier today while researching an Alienware case and decided to join. Never had an Alienware but have always thought the hardware and marketing was pretty sick. I really enjoy the other worldly / Y2K aesthetics of early 2000s electronics. I'm currently in the mood for some 6th generation gaming and recently bought A PS2 and XBOX. With that said, I decided that I wanted to replace my current computer case with an Alienware chassis from the time to bring it all together.

Here is the case that I'm looking for:

I believe the case is an Alienware Dragon. I found the image in a 2003 issue of Computer Gaming World. If anyone is interested you can find a complete magazine archive of Computer Gaming World in PDF format here: CGW Archive 1981-2006.

Anyways, looking forward to learning and sharing info~