Installing an SSD as a Secondary Drive

Hi I recently bought a samsung SSD along with the cables needed to install it along with the original HDD that came with my x51. I've decided that I'll try to make the installation as simple as possible (I'm no genius when it comes to computers and I don't want to mess anything up.) by just using the SSD as a secondary drive to put the games and programs I want to benefit from it onto it. The instructions on the sticky post about installing an SSD say that I need to unplug the HDD. Since I won't be installing windows onto my SSD (The x51 already boots up very fast anyway) I won't need to do this right?

The sticky post also mentioned enabling something called TRIM and AHCI. Do I still need to follow these instructions for a secondary drive or should I ignore this? Do I need to do anything else after installing the drive or would it work right after hooking it up to the computer?

If I do decide to use the SSD as my primary drive are there any benefits I would notice besides a faster boot up speed?


Mar 6, 2013
SSD is the way to go. AHCI should be set in bios. Windows 8 does the rest. You will appreciate the speed increase if you put OS on SSD.

Also, the Ultra ULT40443 2.5" hard drive enclosure installs (2) 2.5" drives in the space of a 3.5" drive. The fit is almost perfect. You can use the existing connectors since the power is split within the enclosure. This makes for a very clean install. If money isn't a concern look up the Icy Dock 2s enclosure. It includes Raid functionality and should be an exact fit. The Icy Dock allows the removal of the drives without removing the enclosure which is nice.