Intel Extreme Tuning Utility


Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
what is this used for m8?? I have it but want to be sure that I don't use it until I know for sure what I am doing and why I'm doing!! ;)

It's a tool which will help you overclock your CPU if you are unable to do it in your BIOS. From what I see, you can only adjust your reference clock. My M11x runs at 1.7GHz. The reference clock is roughly 100.00MHz and it has a multiplier of 17 to make 1.7GHz. If I bump the reference clock up to 103MHz the CPU will now run at roughly 1.75GHz. This will then increase the turbo speed as well. It can be dangerous though as it will increase temps in your machine and shorten the lifespan of your CPU if you increase the clocks by too much. It's probably best for desktops as it's easier to improve your cooling. It has stress tests you can perform though to see how it will perform. I will probably have a better go at it once my warranty runs out! :D