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Jan 16, 2019
Lynchburg, TN
I've been a PC gamer since the early 90s, started exclusively using laptops around 2000 after I joined the navy, and less than a week ago I ordered my first ever alienware notebook, though not my first Dell. I totally blew my carefully planned budget, much to the annoyance of my thankfully forgiving wife, and bought one of the new Area 51m notebooks with the 9700k, and the rtx2080. I have been without a computer for about 2 months now ever since my XoticPc Sager NP8172 gave up the ghost.

I was holding out for the launch of the mobile rtx cards, and ever since I was finally able to order my new laptop, I've been devouring every scrap of information and video I could find related to it. And now I find myself here, like a weed aficionado making the pilgrimage to Amsterdam.


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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
Welcome! I'm trying to get pre-approval finance from the wife for an Area-51 too for when they launch here in Australia. Let us know what you think of it. The base model will be $4000 here so I'm expecting mine will be close to 5k with options to upgrade some stuff later.
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